We stock a wide variety of quality scuba gear you can rent from our Tortola dive shop.

Price Item
$5.00 per lb. missing lead
$10.00 mask, snorkel, or fin
$20.00 tank empty (0 psi)
$25.00 regulator dust cap not in place or din adaptor.
$45.00 missing wetsuit
$80.00 missing tank rack
$150.00 missing tank
$200.00 lost/broken bcd
$300.00 missing or broken regulator

Customer Name on Rental #: ____________________________________



Summer Special June-October

1 tank, bcd, regulator and weights $110.00 (per person)
2 tank, bcd, regulator and weights $140.00 (per person)
3 tank, bcd, regulator and weights $170.00 (per person)

Welcome to We Be Divin’ Rentals. At We Be Divin’ we know you want dive equipment that looks and works like new. This is why we replace all our BCD’s and regulators with  each year. Though our gear is new, our prices are still among the lowest on the island. We use Sherwood and Cressi gear and have sizes from xs to xl. We offer free delivery anywhere on Tortola and we collect the gear again at the end of your vacation.

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Our SCUBA Rates

 Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate 10 Day Rate
 Tanks  $ 10.00  $ 30.00  $ 45.00
 Regulator Pkg.  $ 13.00  $ 45.00  $ 65.00
 BCD  $ 12.00  $ 35.00  $ 45.00
 Mask, Fins, Snorkel  $ 20.00  $ 25.00  $ 35.00
 Wetsuit  $ 10.00  $ 20.00  $ 25.00
 Weight Belt  $   1.00  $   2.00  $    3.00
 Lead – hard  $   0.10/lb  $   0.50/lb  $    0.70/lb
 Lead – soft  $   0.50/lb  $   1.25/lb  $    1.50/lb
 Tank Rack  $   5.00  $ 15.00  $ 20.00


We have dive books and maps for sale in our shop showing all the dive sites and giving you all the information you need to enjoy a fabulous diving vacation. As well as books telling the true story of Norman Island, ( Treasure Island ) and a wonderful book about treasure hunting that will make you want to give up your day job.

If you wish to reserve rental equipment ahead of time, just call +1 (284) 494-4320 or email us @

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