Meet The Team

Chris Juredin

Chris has been diving in the BVI for almost two decades. His fascination with history and shipwrecks has lead him to explore most of the waters surrounding the British Virgin Islands and the shipwrecks that lie therein. He has dived the British Virgin Islands and Anegada Reef with legends like Bert Kilbride and others. While out there Chris located numerous walls, caverns, caves and of course wrecks some have not been seen by people since their sinking as long as 300 years ago.

Chris has been actively working with the British Virgin Islands Government and Bristol University to locate the historic wreck of the The HMS Nymph with Kimberly Monk and Dave Moore, Kimberly Monk is an Archaeologist of Bristol University and Dave Moore one of the most recognized Archaeologists in the Marine Archeological Field, having worked on the richest wreck in America The Atocha which sank in 1622 and the Henrietta Marie which sank in 1700. Lately Chris, Kimberly and Dave looked for another slaver in the Virgin Islands and the resulting find was that a well known shipwreck was not the slaver it was thought to be but another vessel yet to be determined.

Chris and the University of Bristol in conjunction with the Govt of the British Virgin Islands continue their search for the The HMS Nymph

Shirley Juredin

Shirley has been working in the dive industry for 15 years now, and is the mother of Chris. Shirley is known by both the vacation divers and the Crewed Yachts for being friendly and informative and for her organizational skills  Her strength lies in her respect and love for the ocean and many years spent in  the dive industry.

You can call Shirley for all of your diving needs.

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